AOP publishes anti-oedipal fiction, nonfiction, antifiction, outréfiction, cryofiction, and superzerofiction. We are the enemies of tree-logic. We are the Zero Degree of Meaning. We are desert travelers, lunatic runners, and nomads of the steppes.

We respect  schizophrenia and free-spirited madness as much as the Oxford comma.

Under the editorship of D. Harlan Wilson, AOP debuted in 2013 with the publication of Laurence A. Rickels SPECTRE.

We enjoy literary schiz-flows that aspire to chart new boundaries in narrative, theory, speculation, and technē. Taking our cue from the poststructuralist writings of Deleuze and Guattari, AOP foregrounds authors who write to the n-1 power, making rhizomes instead of roots and sculpting innovative bodies without organs.

In addition to curating innovative literature, AOP is the home of EXEGETICS: PKD STUDIES, a scholarly book series devoted to the life and work of Philip K .Dick.