EXEGETICS: PKD STUDIES is devoted to original, high-quality scholarship on and about Philip K. Dick, one of the science fiction genre’s most renowned innovators and a singular voice in twentieth-century literature. Books in the series include critical and/or creative explorations of Phildickian fiction, nonfiction, biography, cinema, and multimedia. Scholarly yet defiant of academic stodge, EXEGETICS aspires for the definitively New in the world(s) of PKD.

The first titles will be released in 2025. In the not-too-distant future, we will open submissions for book proposals. AOP welcomes popular and/or scholarly monographs, edited collections, works of creative nonfiction, and other speculative engagements with PKD’s oeuvre.

EXEGETICS is a peer-reviewed, pro-diversity series. Please send preliminary queries to series editor Donovan Ogg.