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Publication Date: July 2023
ISBN: Anti-Oedipus Press

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At the beginning of the third decade of the twenty-first century, it has become de rigueur to speak not only of an Anthropocene but of a post-Anthropocene whose template has been provided by that historical fissure in which the late-industrial World Order was cracked open and prised apart by a rapid succession of wars, nuclear armament, the Marshall Plan, cyberneticisation and neoliberalism. This fissure exposed the vista of an ideal tabula rasa, like a virgin resource on the other side of history. It is possible that the discourse of the end of history and its reversal within a resurgent transcendentalism have become more pervasive, more insistent, more determined than at any previous time. Here is the heart and the anvil of Entropology ...

LOUIS ARMAND is the author of Videology, The Organ-Grinder’s Monkey: Culture after the Avantgarde, Event-States: Discourse, Time, Mediality, Literate Technologies, and Technē. Other publications include the collage-hybrid Glitchhead; the novels The Garden, Vampyr, and The Combinations; and the poetry collections East Broadway Rundown and Monument (with John Kinsella). He directs the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory at Charles University, Prague.